Committee Roster

OFFICERS: Maitreya Maziarz (Chairperson), Mathilde Rand (Vice Chairperson), Larry Laurent (Secretary), Joe Hall (Treasurer)

Standing Committees

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE- Number of seated Board Members less than a quorum of the Board; quorum of the Committee is three.

FINANCE AND BUDGET COMMITTEE- Joe Hall (Chair), Tom Manheim, Maitreya Maziarz

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE- Maitreya Maziarz (Chair), Mathilde Rand, Larry Laurent

GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE- Maitreya Maziarz (Chair), Joe Hall, Mathilde Rand, Tom Manheim

Other Committees

YOUTH GRANT COMMITTEE- Mathilde Rand, Maitreya Maziarz, Tom Manheim, Janis O’Driscoll


AD-HOC STRATEGIC PLAN COMMITTEE-Mathilde Rand, Judy Owen, Tom Manheim, Nathan Benjamin, Keith Gudger