One of CTV’s goals is to be a resource for local producers.

You can rent high-quality production equipment by, Sony, Sennheiser, Sachtler, Vinton, Kenoflow, GoPro, and more. We also have a dolly and a crane for those special shots.  Like our field equipment,our professional television studio, edit suite, and audio booth are also available to rent at non-profit prices. We support photographers as well with DSLR cameras and Profoto lighting.

This outstanding range of professional tools, equipment, and space, available at affordable prices, Studio shootallows local producers to make a living and be competitive without having to invest thousands of dollars in equipment and office space.

Our Satellite co-working space is the perfect complement to our digital media studio. It offers a welcoming environment, open space, private offices, meeting, conference and screening rooms, promoting connection and collaboration between creative and professional communities in Santa Cruz.

When you rent video equipment or use our co-working space, you help CTV teach, train, and provide equipment to media makers all over Santa Cruz County. Learn how we help students, enthusiasts and professional video producers, learn valuable skills, make a living or share their passions.  Take a look at our studio, workspace, and equipment.