Any resident of Santa Cruz County can submit a video program to play on our public access channel. Programs submitted by the public are shown on Channel 27 on the Comcast System and Channel 73 on the Charter System. Programs do not have to be produced using our equipment but you must be a resident of Santa Cruz County to submit. To submit a program please follow these two steps:

    • Complete a playback request form below. When you submit the form you agree to the terms of our Statement of Compliance. You take full responsibility for your program’s content, including all necessary licenses and approvals. All program producers must have a signed Statement of Compliance form on file at CTV. You may fill out and submit a Statement of Compliance Form here.

Make sure you have filled out each field and hit the “submit” button at the end of the form. You may need to scroll down on the form to find the button.

Once you have submitted your Public Program Submission Form follow the directions below to upload your video. You must include the appropriate disclaimers at the beginning of all submitted programming.

  • New program or a one time show?
  • Is this an upload for an existing series? Use your private link to your series Drive Google Folder to upload your video and then fill out the form above. Instructions are here.

Please note these file specifications:

  • We can accept .mp4 and .mov
  • Please Use h.264 codec.
  •  Maximum bit rate 6 Mbps.
  •  CTV recommends submitting HD footage, but we can accept SD as well.  
  •  Please limit file size to under 4gb per hour of footage.
    Please contact if you have any questions about the process.

Public program submissions must be submitted using the above method. CTV will no longer be accepting DVDs.

Your program will usually be scheduled within 1-2 weeks of submission.

That’s it! We look forward to receiving your program.