Use your private link to your series Drive Google Folder

  1. Upload file by dragging and dropping or selecting “New” and “New File”
  2. Fill out Public Submission Form at
  3. Note that a form is required each time you would like to schedule your program for playback in specific time slots

File Specifications

  1.  Filename should be “[Series Name] – [Episode Name]”.  For example: “Central Coast Poetry – Highlights v1”
  2.  We can accept .mp4 and .mov
  3.  Please Use h.264 codec.
  4.  Maximum bit rate 6 Mbps.
  5.  CTV recommends submitting HD footage, but we can accept SD as well.  
  6.  Please limit file size to under 4gb per hour of footage.

Please contact if you have any questions about the process.