Community Television of Santa Cruz County
Youth A/V Grant Contract

Community Television’s mission is to foster community dialogue and individual self-expression through television, the Internet, and other electronic media.

This grant is awarded by Community Television of Santa Cruz County (CTV) subject to the following terms and conditions:

A) Project Description: ___________________________________________________

Equipment: __________________________________________________________

Equipment will be located at: ____________________________________________

B) Grantee confirms that it is an organization that is currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (the “IRS”) as a public charity under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(l), (2), or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”), and Grantee will inform CTV immediately of any change in, or IRS proposed or actual revocation (whether or not appealed) of its tax status described above.

C) This grant may be used only for Grantee’s charitable and educational activities. Grantee accepts responsibility for complying with this agreement’s terms and conditions and will exercise full control over the grant and the use of grant equipment. CTV may require that Grantee return any unused grant equipment, and will return all equipment at the end of the three-year grant period. Grantee will provide to CTV an Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements at the end of Grantee’s current fiscal year.

D) Grantee shall pay any charges for transport, installation, maintenance and repair of the equipment.

E) Grantee will provide promptly such additional information, reports and documents as CTV may request and will allow CTV and its representatives to have reasonable access during regular business hours to files, records, accounts or personnel that are associated with this grant, for the purpose of making such financial reviews, verifications or program evaluations as may be deemed necessary by CTV.

F) Grantee will allow CTV to review and approve the text of any proposed publicity concerning this grant prior to its release. CTV reserves the right to request a screening or preview of any film, video, book, or other such product, during the final production stages, before deciding whether or not to be credited as a funder of the product.

G) CTV reserves the right to discontinue, modify or withhold any equipment awards to be made under this grant award or to require a total or partial return of any grant equipment, if it, in CTV’s sole discretion, such action is necessary:
(1) because Grantee has not fully complied with the terms and conditions of this grant;
(2) to protect the purpose and objectives of the grant or any other charitable activities of CTV; or
(3) to comply with any law or regulation applicable to the Grantee, to CTV, or this grant.

H) Grantee understands that CTV retains ownership of all equipment granted and that said equipment must be returned at the end of the three year grant period. Grantee shall use all reasonable measures to ensure the care and safety of the equipment. The equipment shall be maintained in good operating condition.  All necessary adjustments and repairs needed to maintain the equipment in good operating condition shall be performed by professional video engineers or authorized dealers at Grantee’s expenses.  The equipment shall be returned in good operating condition.

I) Any supplies necessary for operation or maintenance of the equipment shall be paid for by Grantee.

J) The equipment shall not be altered or modified or used for any purpose other than it’s intended purpose without the express written consent of CTV.

K) The equipment will be permanently located at the address indicated above, and may not be relocated to any other location without the express written consent of CTV. Any equipment necessary for, and designed for, video projects away from the studio, must be returned to the permanent location each night. Notwithstanding the above section, equipment may be taken to locations overnight with the express written consent of CTV.

L) CTV shall incur no liability for any delay in providing, or failure in providing, the equipment. This acknowledgment of no liability includes an acknowledgment of no liability for consequential damages.

M) Indemnification
The grantee shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless CTV, its officers, agents and employees and volunteers from and against any and all claims, suits, actions or liabilities of any kind, directly or indirectly arising or resulting from any alleged acts or omissions of the grantee, its clients, officers, employees, volunteers, agents or subcontractors arising out of or relating to this grant, the equipment supplied as part of this grant, the receivables, the work performed or any other aspect of this grant or the performance of this grant agreement. This indemnity survivves the expiration of the this Contract and the return of the equipment.

N) Grantee’s online application is incorporated by reference into this contract.

O) Any rights in Grantee under this Contract are not assignable by Grantee.

P) This Contract and the related Guidelines and Application forms constitute the entire agreement between the parties and no earlier statements or written agreements have any force or effect.

Q) Each party represents and warrants that execution of this Contract is duly authorized by all necessary corporate action.

On behalf of Grantee, I understand and agree to the foregoing terms and conditions of CTV’s grant, and hereby certify my authority to execute this agreement on Grantee’s behalf.


Printed Name: ___________________________________________________

Title: __________________________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________________

The enclosed copy of this agreement must be reviewed and signed where indicated by an authorized officer of Grantee and then returned to CTV within three weeks of receipt of this agreement.

Grantee may wish to have this agreement reviewed by legal counsel.