Build Your Local Brand Fast With Video!

You’ve probably heard the old maxim, “It’s easier to sell to an old customer, than a new one.” That’s because people like to do business with those they know, like and trust. Customers feel more comfortable buying from someone with whom they have a relationship.

It can be hard to grow a local business fast because it takes time to build those relationships. You can spend time at mixers, working on committees or speaking to groups. All those things work but they take time and effort.

Luckily for you, there is a way to build relationships with potential customers quickly and with very little effort. You can actually do it in your sleep with Video Marketing. It’s a strategy so simple and inexpensive, just about anyone can do it. The key is to leverage YouTube.

Video and YouTube are two of the most powerful tools you can use to build credibility on a mass scale at an affordable price. Millions of people search YouTube for answers to questions every hour.

If you provide the answers people are searching for, you quickly become an expert in their eyes. As you consistently post informative videos, you create a crowd of potential customers who know, like and trust you.

Here is how the Video Marketing strategy works:

You make a series of simple, short and informative videos in which you share your expertise on camera. “How-to” videos are best for this as they are the most searched for type. Start with a series of 10 videos. In each video answer one of the most common questions you hear from your customers. Post your videos on YouTube, embed them on your website and share them on Facebook.

When people search for this information online, your video will appear in the search results. You will be the expert who helps them with a solution. Share your best tips and tricks in these videos.

For example, if you’re a plumber, you might make a video called, “How to Fix a Leaky Faucet.” Once you show how it’s done, some viewers will follow your instructions and thank you for your help. Others will realize it’s not something they want to do themselves and will call you to do it for them. All viewers will see you as an expert that they can trust.

This strategy works extremely well for local business. Once someone sees a few of your videos, they will feel that they know you. They will trust you because you are sharing valuable information with them. You will soon become the “go-go” expert in your town.

Video best practices for local business:
  1. Make short videos no more than 2 minutes in length.
  2. Appear on camera in your video. Viewers will feel familiar with you after the see your video. They will feel they know you after they have watched a few of your videos.
  3. Put the name of your town in the video title: “Santa Cruz Plumber Shows How to Fix a Leaky Faucet.” This way your video will appear in search engines when someone from your town is searching for someone with your expertise.
  4. Write a description for your video on YouTube and put your phone number in the first sentence. That way your phone number will appear on the search results page under the thumbnail of your video. YouTube also allows one live link in your description, so make sure your web address is there. Be sure to include HTTP:// otherwise your link won’t be clickable.
  5. Start your video by saying who you are, what you do, what people will learn from your video and how long it will take. “ My name is Wendy Smith, I’m a Santa Cruz Realtor and in the next two minutes, I’m going to show you 5 ways to raise the value of your home without spending a dime.”
  6. Make sure your name, website and / or phone number appear ON the video. One of the reasons YouTube can help you make a name for yourself quickly is the sharing factor. If your videos are filled with valuable content, they will be shared and embedded in other websites. If you don’t have your contact info on the video itself, people who view it outside of YouTube won’t know how to reach you.
  7. Post consistently. Choose a schedule and stick to it. Release your videos on a regular basis and you will create video marketing momentum. Your presence on the web and in your town will grow.
Your videos are like a growing army of sales people that you never have to pay.

YouTube is a very powerful distribution channel and you should definitely take advantage of it. However; here in Santa Cruz you also have free access to our local television channel, SC Currents. There you can share your video content with the whole county, on TV – free. Appearing on TV builds a great deal of credibility.

Join CTV and we’ll teach you how to shoot and edit your own videos for SC Currents and YouTube.

If you’d like to do video marketing but are pressed for time, you can have our professional team make your videos for you just call Executive Producer, Ethan Black at 310-502-0410.

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