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Lighted "On Air"white lettering on red backgroundIf you are a public access producer or director at CTV Santa Cruz, this blog is for you. Here you may find what’s new at the station along with information that might help you produce or direct a better show, ways to earn volunteer credits to produce your own show, find crew members, or  become more actively involved in our membership community.

Director at TriCaster

Since we all share the studio and have similar interests, feel free to send information to share, suggestions to improve your experience with CTV and any questions or concerns that nudge you. Send all inquiries and info to L.D. Janakos at

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March News — Announcements


Our next ShopTalk meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 24, 5:45 – 7:30 in the Satellite conference room (front of bldg.). Our focus for the first hour—5:45 – 6:45—is on a talk with discussion on how to improve our public access shows. Becca King, the full-time executive director at CTV, will give a presentation. The last 45 minutes—6:45 – 7:30—are reserved for socializing and for informal discussions among members.  All producers and directors or prospective producers and directors are invited to attend. Contact for more info.

Open TriCaster Night

Our next Open Tricaster Night, Tuesday March 3 – 3:00 – 6:00 pm, Contact for scheduling time slot

What’s New in the Studio?


The station has purchased Mics for music shows

Additional information on their access and use will be coming in April’s blog.

Links of the Month

Several years ago, we got together with Rachael Goodman from Cabrillo College and created a video on the interview process. Those fun and useful videos are still relevant today.

External videos on the Interview

Want to share info, links, etc. for other producers and directors, contact

February Accomplishments

What did we accomplish at our first ShopTalk? About twelve of us got together and accomplished a lot. We went over the vision for improving public access and discussed the following:

February events

Last month was an active month!

ShopTalk:We had our first ShopTalk for producers and directors. We discussed our vision for the working together to improve public access for producers and directors. Because we rely on one another as crew members and for feedback, we explored ways to increase community use of our studio for public access.

  • Sheri is heading up a sub-committee of one so far on audio equipment and use.
  • Phil is heading up a sub-committee of one so far exploring high school, college and university student recruitment. We hope to discuss bringing in students, who will receive independent study or other credit from their schools.
  •  David will look into creating PSAs about public access for airing on our own station.
  • Lloyd, Phil, Keith and Linda will be working together on a mini-film festival (long term project).
  • We also decided to explore scheduling Orientation on First Fridays. Linda will, for now, create brief leaflets on specific events such as the First Friday that includes Orientation, and Ron will give the copies to a library, who will, in turn, distribute them to other libraries. 
  • Brian brought up the need for producers and directors to contribute what they want to do that wasn’t on the list and to discuss the list itself. So we can do that for now over emails. We can get a lot accomplished via email, so we can save our time to work on our shows and save our ShopTalks primarily for improving shows and exchanging expertise and help. We found out we have a wireless transmitter to communicate between the control room and host or the floor director and host. If someone can explain in writing how that works, please do so here. We will schedule a demonstration soon.

Open TriCaster Nightwith David Goldman: Producers and directors came in to get their graphics ready for their shows or work on perfecting skills at the TriCaster. Brian Shulman was a guest presenter. On Brian’s presentation David said things went very well for preparing a show.  If you’d like to keep in touch with David about the next Open TriCaster Night or schedule yourself in a time slot or present something during the session, contact

Transcoding Session: Ron Powell, David Goldman and LD Janakos worked on the best way to present Transcoding for Easy Steps. We still need one more meeting to practice using the steps in an actual setting.

If you have an event you’d like to report, a link you think other producers and directors will find beneficial, or questions or concerns about public access, send to

February News — Announcements

  1. A Shoptalk get together for Public Access Producers & Directors will be held on February 16 between 3:30 – 6:00 pm at CTV. Details will be sent in an email by February 6. If you don’t get an email with details contact
  2. UPDATE FOR DATE CHANGE: The next session for open TriCaster Night will be held on Feb. 26, 4:00 8:30 pm. Contact David for more info at
  3. Our executive director, Becca King, has shifted from part-time to full-time, giving her more time for fundraising and presentations.
  4. Check out the Producer’s Guide & Easy Steps. Some of the Easy Steps have been updates from what’s in the control room.
  5. Check out Equipment News.
  6. Keith Gudger is the new chair of the Voluntary Advisory Committee (VAC).
  7. Numerous producers and directors met on Feb. 16 for the first ShopTalk meeting. Our next ShopTalk meeting for producers and directors coming in March. Stay tuned for date and time.